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Majestic Motherhood - My artistic and emotional journey.

Welcome to my first blog!

Preparing for my next exhibition has been very emotional because I usually have my beautiful mother with me. She had a great eye and kept me company while making me laugh throughout the process of my artistic journey.

I was excited to paint a pregnant model; it was a privilege to watch her sit regally, taking pride in how her body was changing on a daily basis. There was no body shame; all I could see was a wonderful glow around her. It was simply exquisite.

However, each day my mind became to wonder what life was like when my mother was pregnant too. My father abandoned her, yet she always carried herself with pride and dignity. She embraced being pregnant at that time society judged her harshly. I thought of her courage and heroism. So in a way, this painting became a tribute to her and motherhood.

Being a single parent comes with enormous challenges. I applaud any woman or man who decides to take this journey alone.

I feel blessed to be loved very much by my mother and I am grateful for all her sacrifices. She was my hero and will always live in my heart. I hope always to make her proud.

I am grateful to Dulce Stein, curator, for inviting me to be in her exhibition!
Dog Days Of Summer Art Reception Avenue 50 Studio 131 N Avenue 50 Los Angeles, CA

Majestic Motherhood Proud, noble and expecting, Majestic Motherhood is in tribute to the modern-day Madonnas.

Oil on Canvas 22" x 28" painting size 28 3/4" 34 1/2" with Carved Wooden Frame $2,800

For more information, visit

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