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Painting My Beautiful Mother's Tribute

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

September 8, 2019

Time to finish my beautiful Mother's inspired painting for Dia De Los Muertos.

I been avoiding it most of the year as it has been an emotional journey. It isn't her exactly, but I wanted to capture her beautiful soul. I would have to be a better painter to dare paint her. But this is the first step after several years that she has passed on.

It was a good night, I felt connected and in rhythm while painting. I thought about how my life had been so intertwined with my mother my entire life. It was so loving and magical. She simply made life beautiful.

While painting the eye of the Day of the Dead, I shadowed it more to almost give the illusion that the face was a mask for the beautiful spirit inside. It must be the surrealist in me, finding different ways to express my thoughts and emotions. Most people might not notice it, but I know it is there. I want to finish this painting to honor my memories of her beautiful spirit. There is much more to do before I finish it, but I am excited to see what will unveil itself to me. . It is personal. I am enjoying the process.

It is finally done now after 5 1/2" years and I hope to incorporate it into an altar for her at the Self Help Graphics & Art and Grand Park's Noche de Ofrenda 2019. There were many tears during this journey but it was important part of my healing. I hope my beautiful mother will love it. May she live in peace knowing how much she is loved and will not be forgotten. xoxox

"The Beautiful Spirit Lives On" by Ginette Rondeau
"Her Beautiful Spirit Lives On" by Ginette Rondeau

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