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Artist Statement.

Ginette Rondeau - Artist

As an artist and writer, my life's path has been a magical journey through art. The limitless depth of the avenues of creativity have inspired and enriched me. I have been influenced by my loving mother, family, dear friends and the world around me, where I have experienced unconditional love, heartbreak and joy, despair and hope.

My work is largely connected with surrealism and post-feminist philosophy (women's sexuality, culture, politics and philosophy). I have explored a myriad of mediums, including: oil, mixed media, photography, installation art and etchings. All of these techniques have allowed me to explore and invent as I attempt to harness emotion into the piece.

Photography has awakened other possibilities, emphasizing modern artistic interpretations. I am currently working on capturing the human essence in a series called "Conversations," which includes a narrative of the moment. I am also exploring digital photography. It is a fascinating voyage where I can devour amazing possibilities.

As an environmentalist, I strive to simultaneously express myself and to make a difference in the planet. To this end, I am currently working with oil on canvas, mixed media, found objects and installations to show my sentiments, my anger, my passion and my desires.


The past few years has been a very difficult time of my life. My beautiful mother passed away and I have been terribly heartbroken. I have spent time traveling around the world, being introspective, curious about life and feeling grateful for being so blessed from the great love she passed into me throughout my life.

Recently, I had a vision, and suddenly felt compelled to create a series of paintings in tribute to her called "Treasures of the Heart." It has been a healing journey as my subconscious has awakened. It is opened a gateway of inspiration, ideas, feelings, and excitement for new works to come. I stand is awe of our love and look forward to what will unveil itself.

Currently, my installation of the "Mailbox to Heaven" is in the works to be a children's book.

I have received thousands of letters for the beloved over ten years. It is thrilling to know that this heartwarming story will reach thousands of more people to start the healing of their hearts.

It is dedicated to the most important women in my life; my beautiful mother and loving grandmother. May they rest in peace knowing how much they are loved.

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