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Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - Asia Diaries

We arrived in Malaysia early morning and were eager to visit the zoo. When we entered, we were soon disappointed with the upkeep and the small spaces for some of the larger animals. Unfortunately, they looked stressed by their confinement. But soon after, we were mesmerized by the proboscis (large nose) monkeys. They were somewhat reminiscent of a person with a orange face and a Pinocchio nose! Overcoming those thoughts, we enjoyed watching them in their dining experience. They were very social, polite to each other and seem to have an organized routine to their dining. It captivated us--we could have spent hours just watching them. If I could only bring one home with me.

Proboscuis Monkeys Malaysia 2018
Proboscuis Monkeys in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 2018

It was interesting seeing unique species that we have never seen. It was a great privilege to see animals from different parts of the world.

We later headed out to the Filipino Market. The fishermen had just come ashore, and now the markets were bustling to set up and display their impressive daily catches. The barbecues were fired up as we purchased a variety of juices and Peter got food to try. I purchased some large chicken wings. They were delish! I only wish we had a couple more hours to try some more exotic fish, not to mention prawns the size of a human foot.

On our way back to the ship, we took a stroll on the beach. There were people making bubbles huge amounts of bubbles. It felt surreal and whimsical like my photomontage series of Frida's that I have created. Peter jumped in the fun and created all sorts of bubbles.

Back at the harbor it was time for Tracy and John to get some last minute foot massages. I struck up a conversation with a spirited elderly woman. She reminded me of my beautiful mother. She had grace and was lovely to talk to. I asked her if she was a dancer and she gleamed and said "yes!" We began to dance. It was the conclusion of a great day in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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