An Over Night Painting Inspiration

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

At times, I find it difficult to paint. Last night my cousin Frank texted me while I was staring at my mother's inspired painting for 4 hours. I was contemplating finishing it. In his text, he mentioned my mother's glamorous pictures he had been reviewing. It was entirely by chance, so I felt it was either a coincidence or perhaps my mother was trying to send me a message to finish it. (Or at least I would like to think so). 😉

After the text, I stared at it more, and my mind drifted. I started to think of all the important people who dedicated themselves to Dia De Los Muertos, and Jose Guadalupe Posadas appeared so clearly to me. I look across the room and saw a canvas that was never finished. It called out to me. 🤗

It is like watching the invisible man come to life. Work by Ginette Rondeau.

So tonight, I started my tribute to Jose Guadalupe Posadas. Once I get the foundation done, I can finally finish my mother's painting. For some reason, I feel this is the order it should be. I do not ask why; I am just merely enjoying it. I usually start with the face, but I decided not to follow any rules and let it take me on a journey. But perhaps, I just need to enjoy the process again so I can celebrate finishing my tribute to my beautiful mother.

Work in progress... it looks like it will be an all-nighter! How exciting!

Now I can let my painting dry and then work on the details later. Hmmm, what will the finished painting look like? It will be done just in time for Dia De Los Muertos! Work by Ginette Rondeau

Coming back home, I was embraced by John at the airport, and then whisked off to my art reception. What a wonderful way to come back home.

Remembrance - The Faces and Places exhibition Autry Museum of the American West

"Ode to Jose Guadalupe Posadas" by Ginette Rondeau

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