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India Diaries

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Mercy Home, a home for abandoned adults.

Several years ago, Nelson told me about Mercy Home, a home for abandoned adults. Families had left family members for various reasons such as mental illness or sickness, as they can't take care of them.

During my stay in Ooty, we decided to visit. Nelson and his brother-in-law Suresh packed up the car with huge bags of rice, spices and food to take to the orphanage.

The home is secluded in peaceful surroundings by the beautiful countryside. It is maintained by only five nuns who take care of 86 patients and survive purely on donations. The nuns love to have visitors. They say new faces bring excitement to the patients and uplift their spirits.

We were warmly greeted by Sr. Maria and Sr. Mary D'souza. They were petite and joyful, with huge smiles. They prepared appetizers for us, and we got along seamlessly. I loved their light-hearted spirit and sense of humor. It was hard to believe that with all their daily responsibilities that they seemed in so much peace. I asked Sr. Mary D'souza how could it be that she had so much joy, and she told me she was inspired by Mother Teresa and that God gave her so much joy! I was moved by her loving spirit.

They gave us a tour, room by room, as we visited each patient. They weren't used to foreigners, and there were many sweet giggles and looks of curiosity when we met one another. Later we met a man who could not see, hear or talk. But as soon as Sr. Mary D'souza touched his shoulder, his face showed utter happiness. I gently touched his hand and felt his joy.

After our tour, everyone was excited about taking a photo. It was simply a beautiful day visiting Mercy Home. Those are moments I will treasure forever. I am inspired by their selflessness and living humanity. As I said goodbye, I teared up, my heart was full. Sr. Mary D'souza gave a long embrace with a prayer blessing. There was a definite connection we both experienced with one another. I looked into her eyes and there was so much love. I commend Nelson's family for having such beautiful hearts!

I know coming home will give me a different perspective which I will always appreciate my blessings. There are those who unselfishly give love to others. It was a wonderful journey of humanity. May God bless them all.

Dressed up for a wedding with Nelson and Diana

India was a very difficult trip, but it was exhilarating. I simply loved the opportunity of living there for a month to experience a life different than my own. I also loved the fact that there were places we crossed which gave me the opportunity to go back in time 100 years in the past. It was like a journey in a time machine. I rode around on Nelson's bike which would seem very dangerous in the states. But somehow, some way, the drivers were used to driving and weaving in and out without concern of signal lights. I would be dumbfounded to see a father, mother and 2 children on the bike with no guard or safety belts. Sometimes, I would even see a mother feeding a baby side saddled wearing her long sari. It blew my mind! I was amazed how the cows walked in the streets freely; they had total freedom or how people were able to make a business in a box and feel proud. I loved their gorgeous weddings; it was such a celebration! India will always live in my heart.

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