A Respite From the Suffering 2020
Covid 45 Warrior - Truth Warrior Instagr
Hail to the Sublime by Ginette Rondeau
Covid 45
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Forever in the Womb of My Mothers Heart.
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Jimmy-O'Balles Portrait
The End of Innocence
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Magistic Motherhood
In the Womb of My Mothers Heart2
In the Womb of My Mothers Heart II
A Moment of Peace
For Tiny Hands
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Covid 45

Oil on Canvas 10" x 10" x 1.5" This has been the most difficult painting I've ever created. I am sicken by what is happening our country. Every time I began to paint it, I was so disgusted just looking at it because I know that so many people believe his lies. Millions are hurting and many will die. Lies, hate and division spew daily from his mouth. I pray people will see through his con game, learn the truth and vote blue.

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