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Ginette Rondeau - Journey of the Heart artwork series
Journey of the heart

Oil paintings expressing
the harsh reality and
the beauty of love.

Day of the dead

Día De Los Muertos
The traditional annual event in Mexico  celebrating
the beloved ones..


Installations celebrating

Día De Los Muertos

Her Beautiful Spirit Lives On.jpg

about me.

"I hope my body of work
will inspire,
create reflection and
celebrate the spirit and soul."

- Ginette Rondeau


Ginette Rondeau Self Portrait La Biennal


The Bouquet Toss - Oaxaca, Mexico
First Night In Hong Kong
Hong Kong Lady
El Cigaro
Los Diablitos con La Catrina
Weeping Angel
Muertito en El Arbol
La Familia de Mascaras
of Florence
The Mouth of Dali
The Coffee Roaster
What's in your bag?
The Women of St. Tropez
Life In A Box
La Chema
Looking for Anthony Bourdain
Tick Tock
Bombs Away
The Empress of Venezia
The Ladies of Venezia
Venice Awaits
Waiting for Superman
The Barber Shop Ginette Rondeau 2019
The Hive Star by Ginette Rondeau
Viva la Vida Eterna
Los Sueños de Frida
El Jardin de Besos
Stone Hand
Abuelita in the 21st Century
Pompeii Pottery
Bird Man of Croatia
Pompeii - The Light
Hanging the Wash
Gargoyles of Barcelona
Gateway to Italy
La Sagrada Família
Retablo - A Prayer For Juarez
La Sagrada Família 2
The Deli of Barcelona
The Wait in Rome
Red Retro
The Sprits Are With Us
The Old Door In Venice
Venice Stairway
The Chandelier
Young and Courageous
Exit with a Heart

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