Diaries: Día De Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico


I had an extraordinary journey in Mexico celebrating Día de Los Muertos I wanted to share with you. It has become a pilgrimage for my beautiful mother after she passed away. The celebration was heartwarming and gorgeous; beyond my expectations. I was deeply moved that the Castillo family let me include my altar in the celebration of their mother's altar too.

Altar for my wonderful Mother, who was beautiful inside and out. May she rest in peace and know how much she is cherished and loved. By Ginette Rondeau

Part of my journey was to document this 3,000 year tradition. After curating and making art for over 25 years, I am researching more so I may publish a book next year. So if you are interested, please subscribe to my e-newsletter so I can let you know when it is published. If you would like some more information about Día De Los Muertos, you can visit www.Olvera-Street.com

I hope you will adopt this beautiful tradition in your own life to honor your beloved. One day, perhaps you too can visit this magical place too.

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