A Respite From the Suffering 2020
Covid 45 Warrior - Truth Warrior Instagr
Hail to the Sublime by Ginette Rondeau
Covid 45
Fight Like A Girl!
Forever in the Womb of My Mothers Heart.
Believe in Love © Ginette Rondeau
Jimmy-O'Balles Portrait
The End of Innocence
Frida y Su Alma 8 x 10
Magistic Motherhood
In the Womb of My Mothers Heart2
In the Womb of My Mothers Heart II
A Moment of Peace
For Tiny Hands
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Covid 45 Warrior - Truth Warrior Instagr

THE TRUTH WARRIOR This warrior, young or old, man, woman, or child, seeks truth by any means necessary. This warrior uses both mind and heart and learns from history to avoid making the same mistakes twice. The Truth Warrior is immune from lies and propaganda. There is power in truth. The Truth meditates and understands the sanctity of life and takes responsibility to make a difference in our world.

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